TEMPOE Names Industry Leader Chris Garrido as President

TEMPOE, LLC, a leading provider of no credit required shopping, has announced that Chris Garrido has been appointed President. Garrido brings more than 25 years of experience in the consumer finance sector and has been with TEMPOE since 2013, most recently serving as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Garrido’s distinguished career includes 17 years of executive operations in the rent-to-own, leasing, retail, and consumer finance industries. He drove growth in profitability and performance at ACE Cash Express, ZEC Financial, and Rent-A-Center locations throughout the US.

During Garrido’s tenure at TEMPOE, he has overseen building national client development, sales and marketing organizations, and the company’s landmark achievement of its one-billionth lease in 2017.

“Our vision is simple,” said Garrido. “We want TEMPOE to be the Obvious Choice for our clients, consumers, and stakeholders connecting retailer and consumers with easy access to acquire products. Our clients are serviced through our world-class management team, associate stakeholders, and partners in an omni-channel store, e-commerce, and mobile experience.”
Garrido resides in Houston, TX, with his wife Sheryl and family.

TEMPOE serves a broad market “putting retail within reach” through its world-class management team, customer service, payment technology, and associate stakeholders throughout the U.S., Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

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We love TEMPOE!

At TEMPOE, we pride ourselves on the passion our employees have for their jobs. We strive to be an emblem of trust for retailers and their customers by putting retail within reach. Although that may begin to be repetitive, it encompasses everything TEMPOE as well as why we do what we do every day.

Simply put, we love coming to work – read below to find out more about why one of our Strategic Account Managers, Alex Pascoal, loves his job.


“I love my job as a Strategic Account Manager at TEMPOE. I really love that I get to help people achieve their goals. What I’m most passionate about is being able to say yes when others say no. When a customer is denied merchandise they need because of their financial situation, it’s an amazing feeling to say, “Yes, we would love to work with you.” When the owner of a retail store asks if we do something that no other company does, it’s a lot of fun hearing their reaction when we tell them, “Yes, we can do that.”

Not only is my job fun, but it is extremely gratifying. I once had a store who wasn’t signed up with us yet. The owner of the store called because he had a single mother who needed a bed set for her boys, and the other finance programs available in the store didn’t approve her. I won’t sugar coat it; she was in a tough place financially and couldn’t afford to pay cash for the beds. Since the store wasn’t enrolled with us yet, the customer couldn’t purchase the beds that day. I felt horrible, and I wanted to help this woman and her children. I told the store owner that if we moved fast enough, we could get her the beds she needed in about 48 hours…and we did! I personally called the customer and invited her back to pick up her bed set. She went, applied, was approved, and was even able to get a nicer bed set than the one she was originally looking at, due to how small our first payment is. The customer has since obtained full ownership of those products and has now worked with us on several other occasions. The store has since expanded and gone on to help countless other customers who were in her position—between a rock and a hard place, with no one willing to give her a hand. There’s no greater feeling than being the hand that reaches out to help people get what they need, when they need it.”

– Alex Pascoal, Strategic Account Manager at TEMPOE