What costs do I incur using TEMPOE?

TEMPOE charges retailers a discount fee on the cash price of the lease items. There are no other
fees related to your use of the program.

When do I get paid for TEMPOE transactions?

TEMPOE will pay within two business days of your confirmation that the customer has taken
possession of the merchandise. All funding is direct deposited into your account.

Who picks up merchandise if returned?

TEMPOE operates many different recovery programs. Retailers are eligible to participate as they
wish. Retailers will never be required to pick up any merchandise in any manner beyond their
normal and customary return or exchange policies.

Will my store need any additional equipment?

To participate, retailers only need a computer with an internet connection, web browser
and a printer.

Will my store receive any marketing materials?

Retailers will receive a Marketing Kit upon enrollment into the program. To re-order materials you
can contact your account manager or log into the Retailer Pulse portal.

How does my store enroll in your program?

To get started please contact our enrollment team at or contact
844-TODAY4U (844-863-2948).

Does your program charge an application fee?

No, TEMPOE does not charge the customer an application fee.

How quickly do customers get approved?

The TEMPOE customer application is simple, easy and paper-free. Approval decisions are made
within seconds.

What items can customers get with TEMPOE?

TEMPOE provides no credit required shopping for durable goods, including furniture, mattresses,
electronics, appliances, lawn and garden, outdoor, tools and fitness. Associated items such as
delivery, service plans, installation and accessories are also eligible. For other categories please
contact a sales representative for more information.

What are the requirements for a customer to qualify for the program?

They must be 18 years or older, have a valid SSN or ITIN, have steady gross income of $1,000 or
more per month, and have an electronic form of payment (an open/active checking or savings
account, credit card, debit card or an eligible form of pre-paid debit card).

How long are the leases?

Customers are obligated to the approximately 5 month minimum term. After the minimum term is
complete, the customer may continue to lease the merchandise for up to 18 months, at which point
they must either return the items to us or purchase them in qualifying states.

Do you have early purchase options?

TEMPOE offers early purchase options of 30, 60 or 90 days in all states except NJ, VT, WI and WV.
Before 30 days = 5% over cash price | Between 31-60 days = 8% over cash price | Between 61-90
days = 10% over cash price.

What is the interest rate charged to my customer?

There is no interest rate charged to your customers. They pay rent to lease the goods until they
return them to us or purchase them from us.

How do the payments work?

Customers may choose 14-day, 28-day or monthly payment frequency. For a 14-day payment
frequency, multiply the lease amount by 9%. For a 28-day or monthly payment frequency, multiply
the lease amount by 18%.

What forms of payments can my customers use?

TEMPOE will accept all checking accounts, savings accounts, debit or credit cards, as well as
various prepaid cards.

Can customers have more than one lease?

Customers may have multiple open leases at one time. Qualifications for multiple leases depend on
several factors, but may not require another application.

If a customer doesn’t use all of his or her approval, can they use that amount at a later date?

Yes they can, with restrictions. For details, please contact your assigned Account Manager.

Are joint applications available?

TEMPOE does not offer joint applications, but individuals living in the same household may apply
separately and in some instances combine approvals. For details, please contact your Key Account

Does the customer make payments in my store?

The first payment is made in-store to TEMPOE. The remaining payments are auto-deducted from
the account they specify with their lease application. Payments will process on the dates listed on
their lease payment schedule.

When may I deliver merchandise?

You may deliver merchandise when you receive notification through the TEMPOE Retailer Pulse
that the customer’s first lease payment has cleared.


Who is TEMPOE?

TEMPOE is a fully online company offering merchandise leasing. Transactions with TEMPOE are
confidential, secure and compliant with all Federal Consumer Leasing laws.

How does the TEMPOE program work?

Before your lease is created: You can apply online or at any of our partner stores, which can
be found on the Store Locator portion of the Once you are approved, you
will receive an Approval ID. Your Approval ID allows our partner stores to access your approval
through our leasing site. You pick out the products you want and a trained sales associate will walk
you through setting up your lease agreement. After you have finalized your lease: Once you have
signed your lease, TEMPOE will process your first payment in the store and you will receive your
merchandise once that payment has cleared. You will continue to make periodic payments on the
merchandise through the approximately 5-month minimum term to TEMPOE from the account
provided. Once you have reached the minimum term, you have three options: (i) continue to lease
by continuing to make lease payments in same frequency and amount, (ii) return the item or (iii)
purchase the item, except in NJ, VT, WI and WV.

How much do I have to pay today?

You must make your first lease payment in order to accept delivery of your items. You can use the
calculator to determine your first payment amount.

Do you require a minimum lease term?

Yes. Once the approximately 5 month minimum term is completed, you can continue leasing your
item(s), return them to TEMPOE, or purchase them in qualifying states. [Purchase option not
available in NJ, VT, WI & WV].

Is there an interest rate?

No! TEMPOE programs are rentals. They are not loans, and therefore do not have interest rates.
Please carefully examine your payment schedule to see your payment amounts.

Can I apply if I have bad credit or have filed for bankruptcy?

Yes! Approvals are not affected by bad credit, lack of credit, or previous bankruptcies so long as all
bankruptcies have been dismissed or discharged.

If I don’t have a job can I still apply?

Yes! We accept alternative forms of income such as Social Security, Retirement, Pension and Self-
Employment. In some cases, additional information may be required to verify income. If you think
your income may not qualify, please email us at or call us at 844-TODAY4U

Do I make my payments at the store?

The first payment is made in-store to TEMPOE. The remaining payments are auto-deducted from
the account you identified when you executed your lease. Payments will process on the dates listed
on your lease payment schedule. If you would like to update your payment method please visit the
Customer Track portal.

Can I return the merchandise to TEMPOE before the 5-month minimum term is met?

Shop carefully. Signing your lease obligates you to the approximately 5-month minimum term and
the associated payments.

What is an ACH Authorization?

An ACH Authorization is your instruction that allows us to electronically withdraw a specified
amount of money from your bank account on an agreed upon day from each payment period.

Can I enter a P.O. Box for my address?

No. The physical address where the merchandise will be located is required.