We put retail within reach.

We’re really excited about our new brand and all the new service offerings we’re able to provide to help you move your business forward. The feedback we’ve received so far has been overwhelmingly positive, so we hope you’re starting to see what a tremendous asset TEMPOE can be to your business. If you have questions about any of the new programs or enhancements, or if there is any way we can help your business to be more successful, please contact Retail Support at retailsupport@TEMPOE.com or calling 844-TODAY4U.

We’d love to hear what you think about the new brand! Giving us feedback is easy—contact your Account Manager or fill out this brief survey. Feel free to post on our new TEMPOE Facebook or LinkedIn pages, as well. Your opinion is really important to us.

In order to serve you better, we’re looking to grow our team and expand our talent base even more. We have many new positions available, including that of a Regional Sales Manager in the Dallas/Houston area. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please direct them to our Careers page at TEMPOE.com or give their contact information to your Account Manager.


We’re proud to announce the release of our brand new website, the TEMPOE Outlet. You can access this site by logging into Retailer PULSE and looking under the Marketing tab. Inside the TEMPOE Outlet, you can order all of your marketing materials and even create your own customized materials. You’ll find many items that we’ve never offered before, such as our dynamic price tags. Simply plug in the product information and our site will automatically calculate the Take It Home Today price and proper legal disclosures. Then, you can just place our tags on merchandise around your store.

We’ve also started a Marketing Co-Op fund for all of our retailers. That means you’ll earn virtual money for every signed agreement you submit. Your account will be updated monthly and any money earned will be added to your account balance. The more agreements you get signed, the more we’ll add to your account! You can use these funds for any items available in the TEMPOE Outlet. Items in the TEMPOE Outlet are already at a special, highly reduced price, but keep an eye out for closeout sales and promotions, as well.


  • “Having the TEMPOE Outlet at our disposal has made marketing/advertising as simple as a click of a button. Being able to customize marketing material is a tool that all retailers should take advantage of immediately. As a furniture/mattress retailer, we can create our own marketing strategy that fits our customer base.”
    – Donovan, Detroit, MI


You should have received your Marketing Kit by now, containing new, TEMPOE-branded marketing materials. If you haven’t, please contact us. You may have noticed that we still owe you some items. We have added money to your account balance on the TEMPOE Outlet to account for these additional items. So go visit our new site today and start promoting TEMPOE to your customers!

We love TEMPOE!

At TEMPOE, we pride ourselves on the passion our employees have for their jobs. We strive to be an emblem of trust for retailers and their customers by putting retail within reach. Although that may begin to be repetitive, it encompasses everything TEMPOE as well as why we do what we do every day.

Simply put, we love coming to work – read below to find out more about why one of our Strategic Account Managers, Alex Pascoal, loves his job.


“I love my job as a Strategic Account Manager at TEMPOE. I really love that I get to help people achieve their goals. What I’m most passionate about is being able to say yes when others say no. When a customer is denied merchandise they need because of their financial situation, it’s an amazing feeling to say, “Yes, we would love to work with you.” When the owner of a retail store asks if we do something that no other company does, it’s a lot of fun hearing their reaction when we tell them, “Yes, we can do that.”

Not only is my job fun, but it is extremely gratifying. I once had a store who wasn’t signed up with us yet. The owner of the store called because he had a single mother who needed a bed set for her boys, and the other finance programs available in the store didn’t approve her. I won’t sugar coat it; she was in a tough place financially and couldn’t afford to pay cash for the beds. Since the store wasn’t enrolled with us yet, the customer couldn’t purchase the beds that day. I felt horrible, and I wanted to help this woman and her children. I told the store owner that if we moved fast enough, we could get her the beds she needed in about 48 hours…and we did! I personally called the customer and invited her back to pick up her bed set. She went, applied, was approved, and was even able to get a nicer bed set than the one she was originally looking at, due to how small our first payment is. The customer has since obtained full ownership of those products and has now worked with us on several other occasions. The store has since expanded and gone on to help countless other customers who were in her position—between a rock and a hard place, with no one willing to give her a hand. There’s no greater feeling than being the hand that reaches out to help people get what they need, when they need it.”

– Alex Pascoal, Strategic Account Manager at TEMPOE


Let’s Connect!

In an effort to keep the lines of communication open and provide the best possible customer service to you and your customers, we have launched new social media sites to go with our new look and name. We now have a TEMPOE LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, and YouTube channel . These are great ways to keep up-to-date with TEMPOE news and campaigns, as well as make sure you’re aware of the latest events and announcements.

Our LinkedIn page will mostly focus on retailer-centric news, including any incentives, campaigns, or announcements that apply only to our retailers.

Our Facebook page will also house information for retailers, but will be more consumer-focused than our LinkedIn page and will include lots of great information for your customers, to help them get to know us a little better.

We will have a  YouTube channel that will house informational videos for you and your customers. These videos will be embedded throughout our website, as well as shared on our other social media channels.

Please feel free to direct your customers to our Facebook page and your employees to our LinkedIn profile, as they will be regularly updated with useful, helpful, and fun information.

We look forward to seeing you there!

TEMPOE Supports The Angelman Syndrome Foundation

This past May, the TEMPOE team participated in the Angelman Syndrome Foundation Walk in Boston, Chicago and Cincinnati. TEMPOE participated through corporate sponsorship, individual team donations and walk participants. Angelman Syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the nervous system and has a wide range of symptoms, from developmental delays to epilepsy. We chose ASF because of two of our employees’ personal connection to Angelaman Syndrome.

Manchester employee Collette Cusson’s son, Michael, was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome in October 2013. Now a handsome twenty-one year old, Michael is a sweet, good natured boy whose laughter is so contagious you can’t help but laugh along with him. While he cannot walk or talk, he is a powerhouse with his phenomenal strength. “I look at him as a blessing every day, but hope and pray that one day we can find a cure so that no one else has to go through life the way he does,” Collette says.


Cincinnati employee Shawn Field’s daughter, Megan, was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome before her first birthday. Now seventeen, “she is truly the light of our life with her beautiful smile, contagious laugh and love of people and life,” Shawn says. She isn’t able to able to communicate using words, but words aren’t necessary as she makes everyone feel like they are the most important person in the world. Shawn would like to thank TEMPOE, specifically President Orlando Zayas and Chief Marketing Officer Amanda Costanzi, on behalf of his family for “supporting this cause and bringing awareness to Michael and Megan’s stores. I’m very blessed to work for such an amazing company.”


Being able to support Michael, Megan and their families was a large motivator for us when choosing a cause to support. ASF is one of four charities we proudly support as a company. The TEMPOE movement is all about our mission, which is to be an emblem of trust. We try to embody this in the community through our philanthropic efforts and care and support for our TEMPOE family.

Below are a few photos of our teams in Boston, Chicago and Cincinnati on the day of the walk. TEMPOE team members said it was a beautiful day with much praise for how The Angelman Foundation executed it. All enjoyed the walk and the opportunity to support fellow TEMPOE team members. We are already looking forward to participating again next year!


Our Manchester, NH team at the Boston walk:

Our Manchester, NH team at the Boston walk

Our Cincinnati, OH team at the Cincinnati walk:

Our CMO, Amanda Costanzi and her family at the Chicago, IL walk:


Did someone say responsive?

We’re excited to announce that our Customer Service Center, which we’re now calling Customer TRACK (more on that to come), and our new Corporate website are now fully responsive. This includes our online calculator, as well.

So what does that mean? As part of our goal to streamline and simplify, our sites are now optimized for mobile devices and tablets, creating a better experience for both you and your customer.

We’ve also created a responsive application for our retailer click-to-apply applications. That means when a customer goes to your website and clicks on the click-to-apply graphic, the application that comes up is automatically optimized for whatever device they’re using. This allows customers to go to your website and get approved even before walking into your store—or even while they’re shopping!

Don’t have a click-to-apply graphic on your website yet? You should! Find them in the marketing tab above, or contact us today and we’ll walk you through setting one up. Call 844-TODAY4U or email retailsupport@TEMPOE.com

TEMPOE Introduces inTEMPOE


inTEMPOE is a ready-to-use system integration platform that enables additional payment options for retail shoppers in multiple environments. Choose to integrate with one or any combination of your systems.

Watch our short video to learn more

Where can you use inTEMPOE?


In-Store Kiosk

Customers can apply at any kiosk throughout your store, then bring their approval to the checkout with their items to take home.


eCommerce Site

Allow customers to apply and get what they need, when they need it, from the comfort of their own home.

point of sale

Point-of-Sale System

Process applications and receive approvals for your customers at all of your in-store point-of-sale systems.

If you are interested in learning more about how inTEMPOE can help your business fill out the form on this page or text INTEMPOE to number 33444.