TEMPOE introduces PayPULSE


TEMPOE is proud to Introduce PayPULSE, our new Automated Funding process. With PayPULSE, faxing invoices is a thing of the past. Now you can get paid faster, so you can spend more time with your customers and making sales. With PayPULSE, you can:

  1. Electronically confirm delivery and pickup
  2. Review and print customer agreements
  3. Resubmit declined first payments

So how does it work? Take a look at this instructional PDF or register for a PayPULSE training. If you have further questions, contact Retail Support at 844-TODAY4U or email retailsupport@TEMPOE.com . Stay tuned for future emails about the other enhancements TEMPOE will be rolling out in the coming weeks!

TEMPOE Introduces New Name and New Product for No Credit Required Shopping


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TEMPOE Introduces New Name and New Product

for No Credit Required Shopping
(MANCHESTER, N.H.—June 22, 2015) Today marks the launch of TEMPOE, a leader in no credit required shopping with several payment options. Formerly known as WhyNotLeaseIt, the company changed its name and rebranded to TEMPOE to better reflect its total business model and expanded offerings for retailers and consumers. The new brand is representative of its plans to expand and deliver more than a single product to the industry – the former name was limiting.

“The name TEMPOE speaks to the rhythm of both a retailer’s drive for repeat business and a consumer’s shopping cadence,” said TEMPOE President Orlando Zayas. “We’ve made significant enhancements to our no credit required program, and we will continue to announce innovative new products.”

Changes TEMPOE have made to their program include delivering mobile friendly and responsive applications, offering customizable marketing materials, and automating additional retailer support tools. Additionally, the groundbreaking technology TEMPOE delivers in its inTEMPOE product helps to drive repeat business for its retailers. inTEMPOE is a comprehensive, single source technology for speedy integration with retailer support systems, including ecommerce, point-of-sale (POS) systems, mobile or kiosks. The ready-to-use platform allows full integration of TEMPOE technology and retailer systems without invasive infrastructure changes, abundant and costly human resources or delayed speed-to-market.

“Because inTEMPOE works with the systems that the stores already embrace, they can choose the right integration solution for their businesses. When our customers grow their businesses, inTEMPOE will ensure that we are in lock-step,” said Zayas. “And, when no credit required shopping experiences are positive for consumers, they are tied to the ease of executing transactions for retail associates,” Zayas concluded.





TEMPOE, formerly WhyNotLeaseIt, is the leading provider of no credit required shopping. TEMPOE provides several flexible payment options with the opportunity of quick and economical ownership for consumers. TEMPOE was founded in 2009 in Manchester, New Hampshire, where it is currently based and serves the furniture, home electronics, appliance, jewelry, and automotive industries. For more info, visit TEMPOE.com.



Welcome! We are excited to announce our new brand, TEMPOE.

Building upon the roots of WhyNotLeaseIt, TEMPOE is a movement, embodying rhythm and reliability. We are an advocate for consumers, putting retail within reach by supporting our clients – who, in turn, remove barriers to ownership for their customers.

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Welcome to TEMPOE

At TEMPOE, we strive to be an advocate for consumers and put retail within reach. One of the best ways we can do that is by supporting you, our clients. We empower you to remove barriers to ownership for your customers.

Along with our new name, we will be rolling out some new programs and system enhancements over the coming days and weeks ahead. One of these is our Newsroom, a great resource for important news, announcements, and FYIs that you and your customers might be interested in. Don’t worry, though, we’ll still update the newsfeed within the Retailer PULSE site, so you’ll see important announcements as soon as you log in.

You can read even more about the TEMPOE movement in our Newsroom. Go check it out!