TEMPOE Celebrates 1 Million Leases

(CINCINNATI – Nov. 10) – TEMPOE, a leading provider of no credit required products that facilitate shopping, recently executed its 1 millionth lease, showing massive growth and popularity in its program since the company was founded in 2009.

“From our humble beginnings starting out in a New Hampshire basement to reaching this milestone in just seven years, we are proud of our company’s growth,” said Orlando Zayas, President of TEMPOE. “Our team has developed an offering that clearly meets both retailer and consumer needs.”

TEMPOE completed around 1,500 leases during the first year the service was offered, but growth came quickly – the number of leases has more than doubled each year. Now, the company sees more than 1,500 leases in a single day.

“These leases represent nearly $1 billion in sales, and provide crucial opportunities for our retailer partners to expand into a new segment of the marketplace,” Zayas said.

TEMPOE partners with furniture, electronics, jewelry and appliance retailers, automobile service shops and other merchants to provide consumers with flexible payment options and a path to ownership.

“We couldn’t have achieved this milestone without our amazing group of employees – many of whom have been with us from our launch a few years ago,” Zayas said.

TEMPOE has plans to continue its organic growth, adding new retailers and industries to its portfolio.

“I hope that we’ll be completing 1 million leases each year in the future,” Zayas said. “I know our team and retail partners can support this growth.”


TEMPOE, built upon the roots of WhyNotLeaseIt, is a leading provider of no credit required products that facilitate shopping. TEMPOE provides several flexible payment options with the opportunity of quick and economical ownership for consumers. TEMPOE was founded in 2009 in Manchester, New Hampshire and is now headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. TEMPOE serves the furniture, home electronics, appliance, jewelry and automotive industries.

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