(MANCHESTER, NH – Sept. 30, 2015)

TEMPOE, a leading provider of no credit required shopping, has acquired San Francisco-based SmartPayTM Leasing, Inc. SmartPay, which provides lease options for smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices, was acquired from its parent company, Better Finance, Inc.

“Consumers are looking for ways to spread out payments for these products, which have become essential to everyday life,” said Orlando Zayas, TEMPOE president. “This is a logical move for us and expands TEMPOE’s offerings into this rapidly growing market.”

SmartPay Leasing currently allows wireless carriers and retailers to spread customer payments over time for smartphones and other consumer electronics items. The service is available across the U.S.


The SmartPay name will be integrated into TEMPOE’s portfolio of offerings, and the combined company will provide more benefits for retailers and their customers. The SmartPay team, led by General Manager Ken Pedotto, will remain in place in San Francisco.


“This is about combining two technology-based companies to provide even better lease solutions. Now retailers can more easily help all of their customers to get the devices they want, which will help increase sales in each store,” said Pedotto. “In addition, our employees will now be part of a larger company where they can leverage additional resources.”


For retailers, offering SmartPay can grow sales by expanding what customers can afford. SmartPay uses existing sales infrastructure and provides retailers with marketing tools to make it easy for customers to apply, be approved and make a purchase in store.


TEMPOE will continue to grow through strategic acquisitions, new market penetration and product expansion.


“We are interested in taking our model to additional channels while continuing to expand our reach in the markets we’re already in,” said Zayas. “This acquisition is just the start of a solid business strategy.”
For more information about TEMPOE and the several payment options it provides retailers, visit http://www.TEMPOE.com.


TEMPOE, built upon the roots of WhyNotLeaseIt, is a leading provider of no credit required shopping. TEMPOE provides several flexible payment options with the opportunity of quick and economical ownership for consumers. TEMPOE was founded in 2009 in Manchester, New Hampshire, and serves the furniture, home electronics, appliance, jewelry and automotive industries. For more information, visit TEMPOE.com.

About SmartPay Leasing, Inc.

SmartPay is a lease-to-own payment plan that lets customers shop for devices, accessories and more. After selecting a device, customers make scheduled payments to make it more affordable.

We work with leading wireless carriers and retailers to offer SmartPay lease-to-own in their stores and on their websites. SmartPay is available in thousands of locations across the U.S.


Media Contact:
Terry Casazza | tcasazza@TEMPOE.com | 603-637-2987



CHAT NOW with a Live Representative


We’re happy to announce that we’ve released a new Live Chat feature for retailers and their customers called CHAT NOW!

For retailers, Simply log in to your Retailer PULSE website and look in your Quick Links. You will also find CHAT NOW in the top header of the site. Click either link to begin chatting live with one of our representatives. It’s that easy!

CHAT NOW  CHAT NOW with a Live Representative pulse chat now

Now customers can get the answers they need, when they need them. Customers can access CHAT NOW through the “Need Assistance?” panel at the side of the Customer TRACK website.

CHAT NOW  CHAT NOW with a Live Representative track chat now



Media Contact: Terry Casazza




(CINCINNATI —September 11, 2015) Brian Tilley has joined TEMPOE as the Director of Strategic Account Management. Tilley will oversee the relationship and retail programs for TEMPOE’s enterprise merchant retailers.
Prior to joining TEMPOE, Tilley worked for industry leaders within the finance technology industry, including Vantiv (formerly Fifth Third Processing Solutions) and UniRush LLC, for more than 10 years. Throughout his career, Tilley has worked in several different capacities, including relationship/vendor management, sales, customer service, financial reporting, product management, and data analytics.


“I’m excited to join such a forward-thinking organization,” says Tilley. “By continuing to build strong relationships with our Global Merchant Retailers, we can stay on the cutting edge of no credit required shopping programs.”
Brian Tilley holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Finance from Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, where he resides with his wife and their two baby girls.

TEMPOE, built upon the roots of WhyNotLeaseIt, is a leading provider of no credit required shopping. TEMPOE provides several flexible payment options with the opportunity of quick and economical ownership for consumers. TEMPOE was founded in 2009 in Manchester, New Hampshire, and serves the furniture, home electronics, appliance, jewelry, and automotive industries. For more information, visit TEMPOE.com.




Media Contact: Terry Casazza




(CINCINNATI – September 11, 2015) Sanjiv Karani recently joined TEMPOE as the Vice President of Product Development & Partner Alliances. Karani will serve as a key asset to the leadership team, by advancing development of TEMPOE’s new products and ancillary offerings. He will also lead the marketing strategy to support the company’s overall goals and vision moving forward.


Prior to joining TEMPOE, Karani served in similar roles at several notable corporations, including Zipscene, Cincom, Neputation, PointRoll and Convergys. With more than 15 years of field experience, Karani will help TEMPOE serve the needs of its retail partners.


“I’m excited to collaborate with the team to take TEMPOE’s offerings to the next level,” says Karani. “By continuing to develop innovative new products and services and market them accordingly, we can help our retail partners expand their consumer business.”



TEMPOE, built upon the roots of WhyNotLeaseIt, is a leading provider of no credit required shopping. TEMPOE provides several flexible payment options with the opportunity of quick and economical ownership for consumers. TEMPOE was founded in 2009 in Manchester, New Hampshire, and serves the furniture, home electronics, appliance, jewelry, and automotive industries. For more information, visit TEMPOE.com.


Know TEMPOE: 5 Questions For Amanda Costanzi


With more than a decade of marketing experience, TEMPOE CMO Amanda Costanzi knows how to create customer relationships that build repeat business. We sat down with her to discuss TEMPOE.


How is the TEMPOE brand being received by your existing business partners? What about with new prospects?

We traveled to Charleston in June to unveil our new brand to our top 20 customers, who loved it and are really excited about the direction we’re moving. In fact, the reaction to TEMPOE has been overwhelmingly positive, across the board. From employees and existing retailers to merchant prospects and vendors, everyone is really eager to see all the new program offerings and service enhancements we’re rolling out. JR Zirkelbach, SVP Sales, said this to me, “My retailers are excited about the upcoming launch of the PACE Rewards spiff program for their associates. They know that extra spending on a reloadable Visa card will motivate their team members to continue offering and processing TEMPOE agreements.” TEMPOE is not just a new logo on an old company — it represents new offerings, features and functionality, and can encompass more financial services than WhyNotLeaseIt brought to the market.

Speaking of the new logo, though, our clients and consumers really seem to like the new look and feel. I’ve been told that the new brand is modern, clean and something they can get behind. Feedback indicates that putting the “e” at the end of the name doesn’t change the readability or cause people to mispronounce it, but rather gives a proprietary twist on a meaningful word. All in all, the new brand is a big WIN!


What marketing channels are you using to reach your audience? How about your customers’ customers?

In an attempt to reach our audience in the way that feels most relevant to them, TEMPOE uses multiple marketing channels. We make it a point to communicate throughout the relationship lifecycle with our retailers, as well as with their customers. Digitally, we host content on three different social media platforms, which includes the creation of videos and interactive graphics. We also have a public-facing website, three user portals and multiple landing pages to drive campaigns and promotions. All of our web-based marketing is mobile-responsive and we are working on mobile app strategies. TEMPOE customizes ecommerce experiences for online retail partners and advertises on dozens of retailer resource sites, as well as in print publications. Our physical marketing materials range from a plethora of printed point-of-purchase displays and handouts, to large format exhibits for tradeshows and events, to tailored signage for brick-and-mortar retail locations.

One of the key differentiators of the TEMPOE marketing program is the TEMPOE Outlet. On this portal, we allow retailers to customize their marketing materials with industry-specific imagery and variable text options. Donovan, one of our Detroit retailers, recently said, “Having the TEMPOE Outlet at our disposal has made marketing and advertising as simple as a click of a button. Being able to customize marketing materials is a tool that all retailers should take advantage of immediately. As a furniture/mattress retailer, we can create our own marketing strategy that fits our customer base.” The ordering system allows each retailer to obtain the right number of marketing materials in the appropriate sizes for their store layout and available display space.


What does TEMPOE do to support retailers online or in their current technology platforms?

Ecommerce is a big play for many of our current customers, as well as for many of our prospects. It’s important that TEMPOE be able to drive more consumer transactions in both the brick-and-mortar environment and on ecommerce sites. Our ready-made system integration platform, inTEMPOE, enables eTailers to list TEMPOE as a tender type at checkout. Imagine how easy it is for a consumer to select TEMPOE, instead of paying with a credit card or PayPal, with just the click of a button!

inTEMPOE is a flexible platform that also integrates with point-of-sale (POS) applications and in-store kiosks. What this means is that TEMPOE makes it easy for retailers to process consumer transactions without extensive systems development, violating customer privacy standards or having to prioritize the integration of one system over another. Scott Pratt, CIO of TEMPOE, described this platform as “groundbreaking.” From what we have seen from our customers who have experienced inTEMPOE thus far, Scott’s assessment is right on target.


You mentioned earlier that TEMPOE represents more than a logo – that it is about new offerings. Can you elaborate on what that means?

Of course! In addition to the TEMPOE Outlet, which provides retailers with customizable marketing materials, TEMPOE remarkets on behalf of our retail partners to drive repeat business to their stores. Beyond the new technology of inTEMPOE and responsive web builds, TEMPOE will also be adding live chat functionality to both the retailer and consumer portals this fall. TEMPOE’s no credit required shopping is more flexible than competitor programs because we offer early purchase options, a choice in payment plans and we now allow concurrent agreements with unused approval amounts. One of the greatest enhancements to retailer servicing is our PayPULSE automated funding program, which delivers hassle-free, reliable funding to retailers after each consumer transaction. We’ve also launched PACE Rewards, a new retailer reward and incentive program that puts money in the retailer’s pocket for every confirmed TEMPOE agreement they generate.

I am really proud of the business for ensuring that TEMPOE represents such a broad range of improvements and new offerings.


How does TEMPOE measure business success?

Our financial performance is measured primarily on EBITDA, but our total performance is really measured in customer satisfaction. We have proven that profitability follows engagement — meaning that it is our responsibility to deliver programs that drive the success of our retailers, so they will drive associates to offer the program and increase sales. As we continue our focus on innovation, we will see more ecommerce activity, so online metrics will be a key success measure, as well. We’re excited to report we’re exceeding our goals by a long shot and thereby forcing the business to re-evaluate what success looks like in the future.


How To Discuss Financing Options

The difference between making – and losing – the sale often comes down to payment options. Here’s how your team can guide customers to know and understand how they can take their purchase home now, despite any credit concerns they may have.


Present alternate payment as an advantage

Alternate payment is a sales tool and offers consumers a reason to buy in your store and put retail within their reach. Your sales team should start the payment discussion early, and present it as something that differentiates you as a retailer. This is also an opportunity to present payment options in a way that puts the customer at ease. Your store’s variety of payment options is a reason to buy from you versus your competitors.


Integrate payment into the sales discussion

How the consumer will pay for their purchase often makes the difference between making the sale or your customer leaving. Questions and answers about your store’s options should be woven into the discussion early, since knowing these options may open up more choices for the shopper.


Advocate for the customer

Assure the customer you are on their side when it comes to the application process. Be ready to answer questions and assure them it is quick and easy. Helping a customer chose the best form of payment for them is part of great customer service!

Introducing inTEMPOE

TEMPOE’s newest offering, inTEMPOE, helps to drive repeat business for its retailers. inTEMPOE is a comprehensive, single-source technology that enables full integration with a retailer’s ecommerce site, in-store point-of-sale application, mobile, or any kiosk. The ready-to-use platform allows full integration of TEMPOE technology and offers retailers of all sizes a straightforward way to frame the payment conversation with consumers without invasive infrastructure changes, costly staff time or delayed speed-to-market.

Read more about inTEMPOE here.

TEMPOE at BrandSource Convention and Expo

Simply put, TEMPOE’s mission is to put retail within reach. Because of this we feel that it is important for all retailers to offer no credit required shopping, regardless of the solution they choose. This morning we kicked off the 2015 BrandSource Expo and Convention by partnering with Progressive Finance to talk with retailers about how they can gain market share by offering no credit required shopping for their customers.


This was just the beginning of an exciting few days in Las Vegas at the BrandSource Convention for us. If you will be in attendance, come by and see us in booth 1331 in the Forum Ballroom!


brandsource booth  TEMPOE at BrandSource Convention and Expo brandsource booth

2015 Show Schedule

The TEMPOE team is going to be all over the US this show season. We just wrapped up The MEGA Group Show, but we are just getting started. Below is our schedule for the upcoming show season:


August 20-23 – Tupelo Furniture Fall Market in Tupelo, MS


August 23-36 – BrandSource 2015 Convention & Expo in Las Vegas, NV


August 30 & 31 – Central Florida Furniture & Accessory Market in Orlando, FL


September 2 & 3 – Midwest Furniture Show in Chicago, IL


September 16-18 – FT Future Leadership Conference in New Orleans, LA


If you will be in attendance at these shows, come see us!

We love TEMPOE!

At TEMPOE, we pride ourselves on the passion our employees have for their jobs. We strive to be an emblem of trust for retailers and their customers by putting retail within reach. Although that may begin to be repetitive, it encompasses everything TEMPOE as well as why we do what we do every day.

Simply put, we love coming to work – read below to find out more about why one of our Strategic Account Managers, Alex Pascoal, loves his job.


“I love my job as a Strategic Account Manager at TEMPOE. I really love that I get to help people achieve their goals. What I’m most passionate about is being able to say yes when others say no. When a customer is denied merchandise they need because of their financial situation, it’s an amazing feeling to say, “Yes, we would love to work with you.” When the owner of a retail store asks if we do something that no other company does, it’s a lot of fun hearing their reaction when we tell them, “Yes, we can do that.”

Not only is my job fun, but it is extremely gratifying. I once had a store who wasn’t signed up with us yet. The owner of the store called because he had a single mother who needed a bed set for her boys, and the other finance programs available in the store didn’t approve her. I won’t sugar coat it; she was in a tough place financially and couldn’t afford to pay cash for the beds. Since the store wasn’t enrolled with us yet, the customer couldn’t purchase the beds that day. I felt horrible, and I wanted to help this woman and her children. I told the store owner that if we moved fast enough, we could get her the beds she needed in about 48 hours…and we did! I personally called the customer and invited her back to pick up her bed set. She went, applied, was approved, and was even able to get a nicer bed set than the one she was originally looking at, due to how small our first payment is. The customer has since obtained full ownership of those products and has now worked with us on several other occasions. The store has since expanded and gone on to help countless other customers who were in her position—between a rock and a hard place, with no one willing to give her a hand. There’s no greater feeling than being the hand that reaches out to help people get what they need, when they need it.”

– Alex Pascoal, Strategic Account Manager at TEMPOE

Alex  We love TEMPOE! Alex